ke occurred

in 1976," she sai▓d.In November 2008, t

ionals to many badly affected areas to provide treatment and training."Foreign ▓experts who provided experience of post-trauma assistance were very helpful, but we discovered that ▓some

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he AIDS prev

  • ention pro▓ject arranged for 34 teachers from Sichuan to visit
  • Beijing and spend two weeks attending ps▓ychology classes and lec
  • tures delivered by experts. I▓n the following three years
  • , the project was extended, with the result

that many of the

  • teachers became lic
  • ensed psy▓chologists.

"The Wenchuan earthquake is a

  • milestone in post-traumatic psychological support in China. In the past, people were reluctant to visit psychologists,▓ even during a crisis, because they felt ashamed to be labeled as having a 'mental illness'," sa
  • id Liu Zhengkui, a researcher with the Institute of Ps▓ychology at the Chinese Academy of Sciences.According to Li▓u, before the Wenchuan quake, no psychologists▓ in China specialized in post-traumatic assistance, so the inadequate cou

nseling provided by untr

dvice even made the victims' conditi▓ons worse.In the first three years after the quake, the institute sent profess
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